Hand doctors or los angeles hand surgeon specialize in the medical field that deals with the anatomy of the hands, wrists and forearms. A ganglion cyst doctor treats problems and injuries in these areas of the body, and is specially train when necessary to conduct surgical procedures. A hand surgeon is also trained to diagnose and treat injuries in the elbow and shoulder regions.

The human hands are one of the most important and complex areas of the body. We use them to eat our food, dress ourselves, write, play musical instruments, and earn an income along with many other vital activities. In order to maintain a healthy and normal life of activities such as these requires that our hands function properly. The hands need to have full motion of the joints, tendon gliding along with proper muscle contraction. When hand problems arise, a hand doctor understand that care to all the different tissue types in the hand must be given proper medical attention if a person’s hand is to function correctly.

Plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and general surgeons can become a hand surgeon with additional training in hand surgery. For membership to the American Society of Surgery of the Hand, surgeons need to attend a full year of training and then pass a certification examination to become a certified hand surgeon. It is a very difficult training course to pass and for those surgeons who become certified hand surgeons is a very prestigious accomplishment.

There are some hand surgeons who specialize in treating only children and there are also some hand surgeons that treat only adults as well. While many surgeons have attended additional training to become a certified hand surgeon, some surgeons end up devoting all their time in nothing but examining and treating only the hand. These hand doctors become specialist in hand care and are highly sought after surgeons.